Vintage 1950’s lined lace skirt had a very narrow waist and therefore needed a new, wider waistband. We replaced the original with new grosgrain ribbon, and re-used the original snap fastener on the new waistband

Vintage dress needed waist repairs and a zip inserted where only a hook/eye closure held the side together. So we re-adjusted the waist to make good the large hole, and inserted a zip

Vintage 1960’s silk wriggle dress needed the bust made smaller and a few¬†tears mended. We lifted the dress at the shoulders and did a bit of repair work too.

Amazing 1920s/1930s grecian style bias cut metallic dress a bit worse for wear: the delicate fabric had frayed and needed re-doing and the sides were too open and needed altering in - with a full row of snap fasteners. Finally, the belt was unfinished and needed tidying up. We re-did the seams, took in the sides and added a ‘fake’ belt bucle, hiding two snap fasteners for the belt closure

Beautiful 1950’s chinese silk dress needed the extremely narrow waist widening and the high side splits stuck down to be worn more like a modern-day dress. We opened up a few of the darts and carefully closed the side seams to knee level

Goregeous 1940s new look suit jacket needed seam reinforcement as the seams had started coming apart. We tidied it up and made it good again

Great vintage peplum dress needed shortening and the skirt split needed reconstructing as it was torn

1940s felt dress suffered split waist seam which we swiftly repaired

ZIPS, ZIPS, ZIPS! We always use vintage zips of the era as replacements if possible, and if that is what the¬†owner wants. Concealed, centered, exposed, sides, open… we do them all. This is just a small selection of zips we have replaced

Celia Birtwell for Ossie Clark muslin blouse had an unravelled seam on the sleeve which we carefully mended